Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘TEDxBath’?

TEDxBath is a brand new group set-up to operate as part of the global TED family, but aiming to share ideas and issues relating to our community in Bath.  

Who is TEDxBath meant for?

TEDxBath is for everyone and anyone who is interested and enthusiastic about ideas for the future of Bath and its community, both now and in future.  To find out more, and to register your interest in our first event ‘TEDxBath 2018’, please visit our website.

Who is behind TEDxBath?

TEDxBath is a not for profit organisation and our activities are being coordinated by a diverse team of volunteers from the Bath community. You can find out about the TEDxBath team members by visiting our website here.

What is ‘TEDxBath 2018’?

TEDxBath 2018 is our first event and will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 29th September at Bath Abbey. It is a half day conference of 12 inspiring live talks and 2 recorded video talks (films) with a theme of ‘Light up the Future’. The conference proceedings at Bath Abbey, will also be live-streamed to the Guildhall, Bath. Later, the speaker’s talks will be made available to everyone free of charge as part of the TEDx online community.

How much are tickets to TEDxBath 2018?

Tickets to attend TEDxBath 2018 at Bath Abbey are priced at £40. We are strictly limited to 100 tickets at Bath Abbey. Tickets to attend the live stream at The Guildhall are free, but a ticket is still essential.

How can I get a ticket to attend TEDxBath 2018?

To get a ticket please register your interest via We will respond to you as soon as possible to let you know which venue we are able to offer you a ticket for, and how to make payment to secure your place.

How did you decide the ticket prices?

The ticket price for attendance at Bath Abbey covers the essential costs of the day, including professional filming, production and broadcasting of the event.  We are very grateful to hosts Bath Abbey and The Guild for offering us free use of their spaces, and to our other sponsors, who have helped us keep to ticket prices down and therefore maximise the potential for audience involvement.

Why are there only 100 tickets available for Bath Abbey?

We are limited to a maximum of 100 spaces at Bath Abbey by the TEDx rules as this is our first event. If all goes well this time we hope to be permitted to host larger audiences for our future events.

Is anyone making a commercial profit from TEDxBath?

No. TEDxBath is a not for profit organisation and any financial surplus generated from TEDxBath 2018 will be allocated towards future TEDxBath events and activities.

How else can I get involved in TEDxBath now or in future?

As well as attending TEDxBath 2018 you can get involved and support TEDxBath in several other ways:

  • helping us share the news about TEDxBath 2018, for example on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • becoming a Sponsor of TEDxBath 2018 and/or a future event

  • applying for one of our volunteer roles vacancies for TEDxBath 2018

  • by getting involved in a future events