• Sammy Burt

A letter in light of Covid-19 - We will push on!

With all that is going on you may have wondered what our current thoughts are in terms of the 2020 event so the team and I wanted to get in contact. Initially we decided to wait for a while to see how the situation progressed. As you may know the entire TEDxBath team is made up of volunteers and so we felt it was important for us to prioritise our personal and professional lives first, and of course ensure that we have a team with the passion and capacity to move forward.  I am so pleased to say that we do - and we have now re-started our team preparations for TEDxBath 2020! We have decided that as long as it is safe and legal we will still host an in-person TEDx event at The Forum in Bath on the 10th of October - 10.10.2020. As I’m sure you can imagine achieving significant levels of corporate sponsorship for the event is likely to be more challenging and ticket sales are likely to be lower than we planned so we will be thinking on our feet in order to offer you the very best experience we can, on what may be a more limited budget.  TEDx is about sharing ideas so we are 100% prioritising the quality of our speakers and contributors. Ensuring that attendees are inspired, challenged and leave with a sense of revitalisation is our top priority. This may mean that the venue itself isn’t as ‘on-brand’ as we might have liked, or that complimentary displays, projects and activities are toned down a little but we assure you we will deliver an incredible event that will stay with you. We are working on innovative and exciting ideas, and creative responses to our new situation.  We thank you once again for your support and trust in us that we can deliver this, and we will.  We look forward to being in touch again as our plans come together. Best wishes, stay home and stay safe.    Rhodora, Geoff, Sammy, James, Hywel and Dominic  plus all of the many incredible volunteers in the wider TEDxBath team. 

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