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"The first sponsorship in my career that I have actually been really interested in!"

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


Kevin Peake has spent his whole 30+ year career in marketing working with some huge brands along the way. For 12 years he created the Npower brand as well as working for Abbey National, TSB and as Director of Sponsorship and Brand for Aviva.

He has had one of the best sponsorship careers ever, sponsoring huge sporting events like Bath Rugby (Aviva Sponsorship), England Cricket and Football League (Npower) and was in charge of the 3rd largest sponsorship TV deal ever in the UK, sponsoring the advert spot between The Bill.

However, he has never been emotionally involved in these sponsorships as he isn’t a fan of rugby or cricket! This has allowed him to be very objective about what is or isn’t working and therefore leading some very successful campaigns.

Kevin has some great tales too, like for example the time the England Cricket Team gatecrashed the Npower party, staying up until 5am before meeting the Prime Minister…!

Kevin said “TEDxBath is the first sponsorship agreement I’ve done in my career that I have actually been really interested in …. !”

Why have you become involved with TEDxBath?

Kevin enjoys smaller sponsorship events where he can assist the event, both practically and through the kudos of the business. Sponsoring TEDxBath as Royds Withy King, provides the event with credibility and attracts other sponsors who want to support something that such a great firm is involved with, so in that sense they are helping the TEDxBath community to grow.

Kevin said, “Royds Withy King ethos is to be ahead of the curve, to educate and be informative in a way which complements the spirit of TEDxBath, the two brands fit together”.

They look forward to discussing content hungry weird and wonderful intellectual topics and engaging with thought leaders. They see TEDxBath as a platform as a springboard for RWK to connect to their network and widen it. Although as a sponsor they receive tickets, they use these as a staff perk rather than as a networking tool.

What does the TEDxBath Theme ‘Interconnected’ mean to you?

RWK quarterly publishes a magazine called Ahead of the Curve. A recent edition focussed on the ‘new normal’ looking at how being interconnected people are being in their work and personal lives through technology. The recent Covid-19 situation has of course made us all more fragmented but there are many positives that have come out of it, for example the wellbeing of colleagues is of huge importance, more so than ever before when they were working in the office. “It has made us all think about how we can stay in touch, and how often. Technology is a huge factor in that and has brought people together, helping them to both continue to work and continue to ‘socialise’ allowing a new normal in communication and connectivity”.

There are well documented examples of businesses changing their tactics and product lines to suit the needs of the economy during Coronavirus but will businesses return to normal? Kevin explained a great example of virtual walk through house viewing. These take less time for viewers, sellers and estate agents yet allow you to have an initial experience of a property. People are seriously changing and evaluating what has always been and lots of this is for the better.

What would you like some of the topics to cover ideally?

“I like listening to stories where people have done something small and you can come away and apply that easily in my business or personal life and make a real difference.

A lot of conversations are about big forward planning moves, but we are not necessarily always wanting to think about the world as a different place, sometimes a small trigger that you can implement quickly to make a difference to your lifestyle is exactly what you need to hear.” Said Kevin.

Small independents are widely promoted through various local publications, particularly those in the leisure and hospitality industry. However, RWK are working on a project with Bath City Council to highlight some of the great very high-quality global businesses that we have in Bath that we do not shout about. There is real talent in Bath that are experts on a global scale:

Some examples of this are Grants Associates who built multi award winning Gardens By The Bay in Singapore. An incredible example of urban landscape architecture. Feilden Clegg Bradley built the award winning ‘The Hive’ in Worcester which houses a university campus, the academic library, the public library and a local history centre, known as the ‘golden library!’. Other incredible Bath businesses include Future, Rotork, Buro Happold, Pure Planet, Format Engineers, Bath Marine Technology, Osborne Pike and Designability to name a few.

“TEDxBath can play a role in celebrating more than just the local independents, we need to showcase the larger businesses that are Bath based but have global coverage. We need to have a platform to show what a vibrant diverse economy this city has. We have all this stuff on our doorstep, do you really know what is going on?”.

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