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Talks to challenge your thinking, at TEDxBath

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

TEDxBath is thrilled to announce three more speakers for its biggest and best event yet at The Forum in Bath on 10th October. Each brings a new and exciting idea to the stage with incredible personal stories and audacious visions for today’s societies.

Claire Prosho of Claire’s Trans Talks will be exploring how trans people, as well as other minorities, can be rehumanised in society. A former Chief Interpreter for the United Nations system in Geneva, Ewandro Magalhaes, invites attendees to a behind-the-scenes look at the invisible voices which make global understanding possible: interpreters. Finally, Eddie Ilic of Eddie’s Street Cuts will be sharing his stories from the streets, and how his message of hope is changing the lives of those who find themselves homeless in the South West.

At 46 years old Claire Prosho came out as non-binary transgender and has since created a thriving business that helps organisations better understand and include people who are different from ‘the norm’ - be that trans, gay, differently able, etc.

“Businesses have long acknowledged that diversity breeds creativity and innovation, but some aren’t shifting mindsets fast enough when it comes to actually including a diverse range of people” comments Sammy Burt, TEDxBath Comms Lead. “This means that some organisations and institutions will be left behind while others pull away.”

Claire continues “If we can treat trans people, one of the most marginalised and stigmatised communities in the UK, as people, then we can have a net positive impact on other communities through generated empathy.”

Ewandro Magalhaes, former manager of a pool of 700 interpreters at the UN, understands the value of speaking to someone in their own language and states that “there is no faster path to frustration than being unable to express ourselves thoroughly in a language we don’t master.”

Closely linked to TEDxBath’s theme of Interconnected, Ewandro will share his experiences and ideas of how communication and connection can be improved around the world.

Geoff Rich, TEDxBath Curation Lead is working with Ewandro and the University of Bath to help offer bilingual students opportunities to be interpreters for his talk, in real-time and live on the day. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students and the University to work with Ewandro.

Closer to home, Bath’s homeless hairdressing hero Eddie Ilic (of Eddie’s Street Cuts) offers a message of hope for recovery through his growing team of barbers across the South West. Eddie recognises that a haircut has the power to build confidence, change perspectives and create new opportunities; and beyond this the very act of a haircut can provide precious human touch and connection at a time when people in our community may be vulnerable and unable to take care of themselves.

Eddie will share the idea behind his message of hope in an interactive session during which he demonstrates his secrets behind the scissors.

Tickets are still available for purchase and further speakers will be announced shortly.

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