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"TEDxBath is an event Xledger want to be associated with"

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


Rosalie Tengey only started working with Xledger on July 1st 2020 following a multiple interview process conducted online. With the sudden demand for cloud-based financial providers, Xledger is very busy and needed her on board ASAP. Rosalie is Dutch and is currently living in the Netherlands but will be relocating to Bristol when the lockdown restrictions ease further. She said “Xledger are even assisting me with house viewings to ensure I settle in as smoothly as possible. They have been super accommodating and helpful and everyone is so friendly. I can already see how much they look after their employees.”

Rosalie’s journey to becoming a Partner and Channel Manager has had many exciting twists and turns. She studied Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Leiden, lived in China for a year studying at Shandong University and afterwards took a Master’s degree at Sheffield University in Chinese Business and International Relations.

Always fascinated with the commercial side of businesses, Rosalie's first role was sales-based with a China focus. As a sales professional, she is passionate about building relationships with products and services that really make a difference to people's daily lives.

Xledger is a finance business management software that helps over 10,000 organisations in 60 countries streamline, digitise and automate their finances. As a leading provider of cloud-based finance software, Xledger utilises the powers of insight, automation and scalability to improve core business processes and decision making, while providing a complete overview of the business financials in real time.

By running a leaner more efficient finance department, Xledger enables organisations to spend more time concentrating on what matters most. As their service is completely independent of browser and platform, you can work at any time from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

Why have you decided to become involved with TEDxBath?

Xledger sponsored TEDxBath last year, and Rosalie knew that she wanted this involvement to continue as soon as she joined the company.

Rosalie said “as a business, we are keen to learn, share knowledge and support locally. TEDxBath is a hub for great local businesses and is essential for networking”.

She went on to say “we aren’t sponsoring the event to get something back. TEDxBath is an event Xledger want to be associated with, and if some connections are made then that is a bonus!"

What does ‘interconnected’ mean to you?

Rosalie commented “the topic couldn’t be more fitting in the current climate. For me, interconnected means that we have more similarities with other people than we realise. One positive from the recent Covid situation is that in our vulnerability, people seem more human. It's encouraged us to realise that we are all the same - we all have kids, dogs, distractions."

She continued, “there is now a feeling that everyone in the world is more connected to one another as our differences feel more distant when faced with a global pandemic. Recent movements like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ likewise highlight that there is so much more that people can learn to understand each other. Fundamentally, everyone just wants to live a comfortable, happy and fulfilling life right?”

What can you and Xledger do to help keep the businesses and people of Bath and the local area ‘interconnected’?

Xledger is an international organisation but Xledger UK focuses on the national market. Rosalie said "our software really does help businesses, especially as they grow in complexity and scale. No one starts a business because they want to spend their time doing the finances or the admin, and Xledger helps to make this painless. In terms of being interconnected, Xledger takes away the repetitive and arduous tasks in an organisation, so people can spend more time collaborating with each other and focusing on how to add value to the business itself."

Xledger recently partnered with Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol to sponsor their south stand. This is an essential part of their wider community sponsorship campaign. Xledger’s passion for innovation and success is at the forefront of their sponsorship decisions, so we are delighted that their community focus and ethos matches that of TEDxBath.

Rosalie stated, “we are very excited to sponsor the event and cannot wait to listen to the speakers."

We will see you on October 10th, 2020, Xledger.

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