• Sammy Burt

We are doing it - and here's how!

We're sure you have been wondering what will happen with TEDxBath this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic - or perhaps you haven’t thought of us at all - everyone has a lot going on.

Either way it is about time we were in contact with you with an update.

Like many event organisers we have been trying to stay flexible and consider the possible impacts of social distancing on our event plans, but we now feel we are able to work toward something concrete.

We’re therefore pleased to confirm our current plan is to hold a ‘virtual’ TEDxBath event this year.

We will still have our Speakers on stage at The Forum in Bath but, like the recently restarted Premier League, we anticipate they will play to an online audience - minus the sound effects of crowds cheering!

We have relaunched ticket sales for an ‘online only’ event for a minimum £10 donation.

We need all the support we can get to make this year’s event possible - and to ensure we start 2021 in really good shape.

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