• Sammy Burt

We have our first three speakers!

The first speakers to be announced for TEDxBath 2020 at the Forum in Bath on 20th October are international bestselling writer and renegade economist Kate Raworth, creative strategist Dan Burgess and Royal United Hospital’s very own Director of Intensive Care, Dr Andy Georgiou.

Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on making economics fit for the 21st century. Her book Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist, is an international bestseller that has been translated into 18 languages. She is co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab, which works with change-makers worldwide to turn Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action.

Since publication of her book in 2017 Kate has been approached with questions on how the Doughnut Economy can be downscaled to local places - towns, neighbourhoods, cities, nations. In April this year Amsterdam announced it will be working with Kate to apply the Doughnut thinking to help the cities recovery post Covid-19.

At TEDxBath in October Kate will be helping the audience to understand what it could mean for a city to be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, while respecting the wellbeing of all people and the health of the whole planet. What kind of policies and initiatives will take 21st century cities in this direction? How do the citie's very institutions need to be redesigned to make this possible?

Dan Burgess will unpack the concept of the earth as a spaceship and living system; inspiring and encouraging each of us to become more than passengers on this enormous spaceship, becoming crew. Dan’s creative thinking and engaging storytelling has wowed many audiences before and TEDxBath is excited to bring this thought-provoking voice to a stage in his hometown.

Dr Andy Georgiou holds first class honours in anatomical science, and has published 19 peer review articles and 6 books or book chapters. He has been the director of intensive care here in Bath since 2013 and was the lead consultant up to and during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Georgiou is looking forward to drawing back the curtain on the NHS’s cross trust approach to Rapid Medicine Development, and sharing his fascinating experiences and insights from ICU with TEDxBath

Geoff Rich, TEDxBath Lead Curator said “We have been astonished at the quality of speaker applications this year. The curation team is working hard to design our best and biggest event yet to be held at The Forum, Bath on the 10th October, and we look forward to announcing further confirmed speakers soon.”

The TEDxBath event coincides with the global launch of COUNTDOWN - an initiative from Bath’s own Chris Anderson, founder of TED, and Future Stewards. The launch is set to take place in Norway and the TEDxBath audience will be connected with COUNTDOWN at various times throughout the day making this a truly Interconnected event.

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