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What to Expect at TEDxBath Inter-Connected 2021

Welcome you to TEDxBath, Inter-Connected 2021!

This year, we have curated a selection of twelve unique and diverse speakers to embody our theme: Interconnected. During this two-day hybrid event, taking place on the 18th and 19th November, our speakers will share poignant talks on subjects they are experts in. Here’s a bit about what to expect.

Why Inter-Connected?

Our lives are more connected now than ever before, language barriers are falling down, travel is faster, and many cultural traditions are being shared. TEDxBath Interconnected will take a deep dive - inspiring positive development and creative ideas in our local communities, shaped by global expertise. The event will leave you feeling inspired.

The Hybrid Event

This year, due to covid restrictions, we’re running a hybrid event meaning we will be hosting an in-person invite only and socially distanced event at Bath Spa University’s Locksbrook Campus (Bath BA1 3EL). This will then be live-streamed for our digital audience along with the option to participate in an interactive Q&A from both digital and in-person audiences.

Both evenings of talks will run from 19:00 to 21:00 and will be streamed in multiple languages - English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and British Sign.

The Speakers

Our live speakers aim to spark conversations and encourage discussions - this year’s line-up includes best-selling author, Kate Raworth, discussing her revolutionary idea of “doughnut economics” and how it’s applied in the 21st century, Eddie Ilic, the founder of Eddie’s Street Cuts, sharing his message of human connection and hope during his talk about his work supporting the homeless community as well as his journey to sobriety and Sarah Gregory will also be joining us to give a poignant talk about how we can all learn from the BLM movement to benefit our collective and connected future.

Also joining us is Claire Prosho - a transgender educator and the founder of Claire’s Trans Talks. Claire will be presenting the ‘radical’ idea that transgender people are people, exploring how marginalised communities’ treatment impacts other marginalised communities.

Dr Andy Georgiou, a consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine will be delivering a talk on his experience working in the ICU during the Coronavirus pandemic. Prof Alf Coles’ talk will illustrate that connecting to children’s “powers” is possible and vital to a quality Maths education.

Tania Kovats, Professor of Drawing and Making, will be sharing her artwork and inviting the audience to participate in a simple, interactive drawing exercise, exploring how creativity activates both the conscious and unconscious mind to address our climate crisis.

Also accompanying us is Sushma Jansari, whose talk will argue that conversation is key - the best way to facilitate any collaborative development and forward motion for our society is to speak up! Likewise, Ewandro Magalhaes is a charismatic interpreter who will be discussing the power of language and the interpreters who help to connect our world.

It is an honour to introduce Keisha Thompson as a talented artist, producer and poet who will be delivering a powerful live summary at the end of the talks, wrapping up TEDxBath: Inter-Connected in a lyrical, unique and moving way.

Those of you who bought a ticket for TEDxBath’s ‘Inter-Connected 2020’ event last year, will still be able to join us without purchasing a new ticket, as your original ticket is valid at our new event.

Get a last minute ticket here!

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