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As a legacy project to TEDxBath, we’ve created an interactive map that enables residents and visitors to the city to go deeper into each of our speaker topics each year.

TEDxBath announces The Holburne Museum as 2019 venue

TEDxBath is delighted to announce that The Holburne Museum will be the venue for the 2019 conference, which will draw on the theme of ‘Echoes of the City’.

The Holburne Museum brings to Bath great art of all periods and from around the world, seeking to set the art of the past in dialogue with contemporary practice in exciting and dynamic new ways.

Chris Stephens, Director of The Holburne Museum said “as Bath’s first art gallery we have always been about presenting and exploring the importance of creativity and imagination, especially in relation to our city in the past and in the present moment. We are deeply committed to engaging with the pressing themes and issues of today and are therefore delighted to work with TEDxBath in their presentation of a diverse range of ideas about Bath and the relationship of its past and its future.”

For Echoes of the City, 10 speakers will help the audience discover the hidden treasures of history that can ignite people’s imagination and open them up new ideas. A recent call for proposals sought inspiring speakers with ideas from the fields of digital technology, business, eco-systems, inventions, education, creative arts well-being and beyond..

Curation Lead Geoff Rich said “We’ll be looking at how advances in technology, design and collaborations can spark new conversations with change makers, thinkers and doers and result in new ideas that can help all of us to break some exciting new ground - right here in Bath!”

Lead Organiser Rhodora Baguilat said “TEDxBath is for everyone and anyone who is interested and enthusiastic about ideas for the future of Bath and its community, both now and in future. We are delighted to be able to host this year’s event at the Holburne Museum.”

TEDxBath debuted last year with a sell-out event at Bath Abbey that was streamed to a wider audience at The Guildhall. On the theme of ‘Light up the future’, 12 leading speakers including TV presenter and architect Piers Taylor, Landscape Architect Andrew Grant (whose Singapore Bay scheme featured on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2) and Penny Hay originator of Bath’s Forest of Imagination., spoke on a broad range of topics concerning the future of Bath including social welfare, mobility, mental health, and the role and character of Bath as a city.

As part of the global TED organisation it aims to share ideas and issues that relate to the Bath community, inspiring new connections, activism and a clear remit to look to the future. TEDxBath’s activities are being coordinated by a diverse team of local volunteers who are united by a desire to share ideas and encourage positive change.


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