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We live in a time when beliefs, colours, perspectives, and ideas are continually shifting. Meanings change, new ideas and actions disrupt, and important new questions challenge the status quo. Alongside these changes is a notion of 'heritage' - beliefs, values, creations and traditions that generate a sense of familiarity, pride, value, and identity.

TEDxBath Kaleidoscope – in a city renowned for its heritage – we heard from diverse and energetic speakers and acts, with powerful ideas and surprising perspectives on the potential for change. We explored how new ideas are inspired by our heritage, how we need to challenge it, to achieve the best outcomes for society.

Yasmeen Lari
World famous pioneer of zero carbon architecture, and designer of over 55,000 zero carbon, low cost homes in her home country of Pakistan, Yasmeen Lari will take to the stage to explain the crucial role of traditional materials, local wisdom - and women - meeting the world's future sustainable housing needs.

How to Win Deep

Katie Mobed 
As a leading Performance Psychologist and Culture Coach Katie Mobed will explore how we can all take steps to maximise our personal potential and become the best we can be. 

Max Woosey

12 year old schoolboy Max Woosey, now famous as 'The Boy In The Tent', will take to our TEDxBath stage to share how his inspirational efforts to raise money in memory of his friend has given him the adventure of a lifetime, and a keen desire to encourage others to act too.

Calie Rydings
Award-winning journalist, podcaster and campaigner, Calie Rydings delivers a straight-talking but sympathetic look at the long-term impact of trauma on a survivor's body, mind and sense of self.

George Obolo

By diving into how one can move from simply pointing out issues to becoming involved in creating real change by outlining three key components, George Obolo will use case studies from his own personal life, such as his work with The Black Excellence Network, to explain how he succeeded in changing 100 lives in 1 month.

Aliénor Salmon 
Aliénor Salmon will take you on a journey to liberate your body from your desk and put happiness science into practice by learning not only how to walk the talk, but how to dance it. In this powerful talk, Aliénor will show you what it means to live life with greater meaning and purpose, engage with the world around you and develop deeper connections, while being free to authentically express yourself.

Ping Coombes

Bath-based BBC TV Masterchef winner, Ping Coombes, joins us to share the life lessons of her personal journey from redundancy to nationally famous chef, finding her passion for cooking and sharing Malaysian food, and getting new businesses off the ground as a busy working mum. 

Anna Taylor

As one of the world's leading authorities on sustainable food strategies, Anna Taylor will share her insights on how we can provide enough food for everyone, during a rapidly growing global population.

Amy Williams OBE

Olympic gold medallist and Bath-based TV presenter, personal trainer and Mum, Amy Williams MBE, will explain how we can all take steps to achieve amazing personal goals.

Nik Jovčić-Sas

As an LGBTQ+ activist, musician and drag queen, Nik Jovčić-Sas will take us through important ideas about ritual, tradition and iconography which bring a unique twist to his current work: ranging from Pride bake-offs judged by drag queens in rural Somerset, Balkan circle dances at UK festivals or protests with rainbows on religious images. Their talk will discuss how ritual can help the LGBTQ+ community today, and how we can valuably bring ritual back into our daily lives to collectively process emotions, and foster a greater sense of community.

Dr Yagya Regmi

International renewable energy expert, Dr Yagya Regmi, will take us on a journey to explain the future pattern of global energy needs, and how his team's scientific research points the way to exciting breakthroughs in clean energy technology and a green and clean energy future.

Ruby Sant

Artist, Teacher and Robot Designer, Ruby Sant, believes we are all accidental 'roboticists'. Having worked with all kinds of community groups - from school children to young offenders - her talk will explore how designing robots can help us to create a fairer and more equitable future. 

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