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An immersive exhibition of innovative ideas.

We invite you to view inspiring stories and works by the TEDxBath community.

iLab embodies a creative collision of ideas featuring diverse topics and works by local business and partners. The topics will provide a lens to view and explore ideas ranging from cutting edge artificial intelligence innovation to inspiring sustainable design.

Join us

Participate in book signings, speaker engagements and many more exciting activities at iLab !


1st floor of Forum Building

13:00 14th October  

Discover local innovation
Connect with a diverse group of local businesses as they exhibit their innovative and revolutionary ideas.


PORTRAIT is a holographic, real-time, conversational avatar that integrates creative, analytical right & left brains and Artificial Intelligence technologies. It is ideal for businesses with customer service challenges. PORTRAIT offers unique, dynamic interactions and delivers a consistent, accurate and on-brand experience to your customers.



If you could be anywhere as part of your care, where would you choose?

A trial of immersive technology to aid wellbeing of patients with life limiting illnesses funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation and Hospice UK.

‘Re-imagining Day Patient Services’ with Virtual Reality Technology

Dorothy House Hospice Care & Royal United Hospitals Bath

Fitzroy Hawk are a decentralised team of innovators, designers, makers and doers who forge next generation experiences for courageous clients globally. From large scale public installations and live performances to interactive installations and online experiences Fitzroy Hawk explores new forms of narrative fusing emerging technology with moving image and storytelling magic. 


Supported by The Studio, Bath Spa University

The Future of Experience

Fitzroy Hawk

Protecting the past, whilst preparing for the future

Bath Abbey has had its biggest makeover for 150 years. The £20M+ programme of restoration, building works and interpretation has improved its accessibility, sustainability, hospitality and service to the city. The Abbey now has a new Exhibition Area and Song School, and a unique underfloor heating system powered by the hot springs that fed the Roman Baths.

Bath Abbey

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Team Bath Roving have developed an award-winning robotic rover that has the ability to drive over rough terrain by remote control. Developed over 9 months, the rover was created to survive the harshest of conditions and has the ability to collect rock samples from Mars.

The Mars Rover 

University of Bath 

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