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Meet the team

Our activities are coordinated by an independent and diverse volunteer team who are united by a desire to encourage positive change for our community. And a brilliant team of volunteers makes our day events possible. 

Currently recruiting

To join the TEDxBath team in a variety of capacities, get in touch with us by emailing

Comms Lead

Bob Mytton

Creative Director, Mytton Williams
I'm keen to encourage innovation, creativity and education to bring about positive change, especially in the local community.

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Student and Young People Ambassador

Cass Coulston

I am passionate about connecting young people in our community in empowering ways to ignite new thinking, inspire new collaborations and possibly change the world.

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Jake Maxwell-Watts

I love good ideas and feel inspired by people who have them. A good idea can bring people together and inspire actions far beyond the person or people who first had them.

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Film and Media Advisor

Chris Kemp

Co-founder and Company Director of Suited & Booted Studios

    Finance Lead

    Dominic Finn

    I've always been a fan of TED talks, so the chance to be involved in organising one seemed really interesting!

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    ILab Designer

    Kim Kyi Chaw May

    Passionate to connect people and ideas to promote collective intelligence and innovation.

      Volunteer Lead

      Albert Sobilo

      Passionate about TEDxBath and the transformative power of volunteering, I am excited by the opportunity to contribute to an inspiring platform that amplifies ideas, nurtures connections, and empowers individuals to make a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

        Communications Team

        Chris Imlay

        Design director at Dialect

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        Curation Team

        Nicci Morgan

        TEDxBath inspires you to think differently, to push your own boundaries and makes you believe that anything is possible.


          David Gillett

          To give something back to a platform that's long inspired me and to continue to develop professionally.


            Your name here?

            Get in touch with the volunteer lead

              Lead Organiser

              Rhodora Baguilat

              I have a vision to connect people in sharing ideas with their communities across the city and beyond.

                Curation Lead

                Geoff Rich

                I'm passionate about helping people to explore and share great ideas.


                  James Sibson

                  To support the promotion of creative engagement through imaginative exchange.

                    Sponsorship Lead

                    Kevin Peake

                    I love anything inspirational and Tedx Bath has a big role to play in increasing perception that Bath is a fantastic creative and dynamic place.

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                    Get involved

                    Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to get involved in TEDxBath then please click the link below. 

                    Day event and production crew volunteers

                    TEDxBath could not happen without our incredible volunteers in the lead up and on the day.  People give up their time and energy throughout the year and particularly in the days leading to the event be it curating speakers, setting up the stage and activities, managing the insurance or handing out the lunches. No job is too small to appreciate! Thank you all.

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